Future Glenorchy

Glenorchy is on the verge of an exciting future with more jobs and opportunities, and more people energised to help us be the best we can be. Council is working with developers, partners and our people through Future Glenorchy to grow the economy and make sure our city is a great place to live. Future Glenorchy is supporting development across our city, improving paths, tracks and trails, and making our city greener. Because we know the key to a thriving city is a reliable and efficient transport system, we are working hard to introduce passenger rail through the CityLink project as a priority.  This is your invitation to get on board and help create a Glenorchy we can all be proud of!

Growing GlenorchyImproving Liveability

Growing Glenorchy

Economic Development Strategy

February 2020

Glenorchy City Council is driving growth of Glenorchy’s economy through an economic development strategy for our City. In late 2019, businesses, governments, educators, not-for-profits and investors came together under Council’s EPIC group to come up with actions to grow the City’s economy. Together we have created this strategy to reach our goal:

  • We will create a strong economy and jobs for the future.
  • We will encourage business diversity, innovation and new technologies to stimulate jobs, creativity and collaboration.
  • We will be a place where business can establish, continue and flourish.

The strategy includes five objectives and 50 actions, to create jobs for our people and make our City more active and liveable. Southern Tasmania’s economy is growing, this strategy shows how Future Glenorchy can harness that growth.

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Growing Glenorchy

Greater Glenorchy Plan

At its February 2021 meeting, Council endorsed the Greater Glenorchy Plan, which includes precinct plans for Glenorchy, Moonah and Claremont CBDs.

The Greater Glenorchy Plan was created following last year’s community campaign, Beyond the Curtain, which involved interviewing residents to describe identities of the three CBDs.

The Greater Glenorchy Plan translates the findings of the campaign into a vision and precinct plan for each CBD in 2040. Each precinct plan seeks to create places for people that feel welcoming and reflect who we are; provide connections for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles; support job creation, economic growth and increased density; and promote a greener Glenorchy and innovative design.

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Growing Glenorchy

Developing Wilkinsons Point

Council is selling the DEC and Wilkinsons Point to enable development of an iconic waterfront sports and entertainment precinct and to secure a Tasmanian NBL Team. The sale of the DEC and Wilkinsons Point to the Tasmanian Government is a win for Glenorchy and Tasmania, allowing a significant State entertainment facility to remain in public hands. Development of Wilkinsons Point will also create 1,198 jobs for our community. Council will retain the foreshore at Wilkinsons Point, securing the future of the GASP infrastructure and ensuring public access for Tasmanians. Proceeds from the sale, once realised, will be directed towards Future Glenorchy projects to grow Glenorchy’s economy and create a more liveable City. This is an exciting new chapter in Glenorchy’s future. We are proud to be delivering the development of Wilkinsons Point for our residents, as well as all Tasmanians.

Growing Glenorchy

Open for Business Review

Glenorchy is open for business. We are ready for development and investment to create a more vibrant and liveable City. To make sure we are making it easy for developers and residents to understand the rules about development in our City, we are reviewing the information we provide about various planning, building, plumbing and environmental health regulatory processes.

The Open for Business Review will ensure developers are appropriately informed about application and approval processes. It will also consider the services provided by Council staff and whether advice provided to customers is clear and solution focused. In addition, the Review will consider whether there is more we can do to improve development outcomes, such as client-centric, concierge approaches for major developers.

Growing Glenorchy

Opportunity Mapping Project

Investors and developers regularly approach Council seeking land suitable for development or purchase (for example, for new businesses, subdivisions or affordable housing). Council has access to lots of information about Glenorchy, including; population, current land use, the planning scheme and land tenure. We also have a public mapping portal that provides maps and data about the City.

But we don’t have a mapping tool that allows developers and members of the public to map sites for development. The Opportunity Mapping project will develop a spatial database and online mapping tool to identify opportunities for development in Glenorchy, including land suitable for new businesses, subdivisions, medium and high-density housing etc.

Growing Glenorchy

Strategic Land Use Planning

Council is working to improve our understanding of how land is used in our City. This includes reviewing what land is available for residential, industrial and commercial development and what the demand is for that land.

The Strategic Land Use Planning project will assist developers to find sites for development in our City and will help Council plan for growth. It will also help Council update Glenorchy’s planning scheme and review the Southern Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategy together with other Councils. Through this project, Council and the community will shape the City to better suit our social, environmental and economic needs.

Growing Glenorchy

Investigating Land Purchase and Sale

Glenorchy City Council owns land across our city. Council land is reviewed at least once a year to identify land that is under utilised or not fit-for-purpose. By selling this land, we can open up opportunities for development and create revenue which can be re-directed into projects such as playgrounds, landscaping, pathways and toilets.

Through this investigation, Council is acknowledging the importance of managing our assets effectively and responsibly. We want to provide our community and our residents with the best value in the spaces where we live, work and play.

Growing Glenorchy

Glenorchy Identity Project

Glenorchy is coming of age and starting to understand who we are and where we are going. We are learning to be proud of where we come from and how to use our diversity, entrepreneurship and determination to show the world what we are made of.

Under the Glenorchy Identity Project, we are engaging with our residents, from Moonah, Glenorchy and Claremont, to understand what makes us different and special. We are then using that information to make sure our City is planned and designed with that identity in mind. In this way, we can help our City reflect our identity, build on what makes us special and promote ourselves and our products in the marketplace. Importantly, the Glenorchy Identity project will focus on building our sense of pride in Glenorchy and in living in this place.

Glenorchy Master Story

Improving Liveability

Sport and Recreation Master Planning

Glenorchy City Council provides and maintains a variety of sport and recreation facilities for the community. We want people of all ages and abilities to have healthy and active lifestyles. Council is committed to providing safe and inclusive spaces to encourage community participation; working together with schools, local businesses, Council and residents. The development and implementation of our Master Plan will ensure we can deliver this shared vision for our community.

Improving Liveability

Paths, Tracks and Trails Development

The Paths, Tracks and Trails project is about connecting our community. Glenorchy City Council’s goal is to create an inclusive community with strong connections – keeping us safe, healthy and active.

Our community has provided feedback and ideas about our paths, tracks and trails – including footpaths and cycleways in our municipality. The feedback collected will help identify where we have missing links, which areas people would like to use but currently can’t, and which areas need improvement.

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Improving Liveability

Greening Glenorchy

The city of Glenorchy faces many environmental challenges at present and in the future. As part of the Greening Glenorchy, projects such as the Urban Tree Strategy are helping us improve and manage our environment. Trees are an investment – we need to keep them healthy so they can provide benefits for years to come.

Council is developing a 10-year strategy for the provision and management of trees on public land, and will be seeking further community feedback about your thoughts and priorities in Greening Glenorchy.

Improving Liveability

Australian Government Sport and Recreation Grants

Glenorchy City Council is committed to providing affordable and sustainable sport and play experiences for our community. The Australian Government, through their Community Development Grant program has funded four sport and play projects in Glenorchy: Eady Street facilities building, North Chigwell Community Hub Sports Facility, Montrose Foreshore Reserve playspace development and Giblins Reserve playspace development.

Council is engaging with the community during the development of these projects. Community input will be sought on the two playspace site master plans and detailed designs of the playgrounds themselves. We want the community to let us know what they would like to see at the two parks and what type of play experience will appeal.

This is an initiative of the Glenorchy City Council. For more information, visit www.gcc.tas.gov.au, phone (03) 6216 6800 or email: gccmail@gcc.tas.gov.au